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Dianic Witchcraft


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Dianic Witchcraft is a female-only, Goddess-centered, pagan path of worship.  Some Dianic practitioners consider themselves Wiccan; many (including myself) do not.  Most Dianics practice as solitaries, simply because there are far fewer of us than in other traditions so a coven is harder to find.

This is a collection of pages discussing my personal belief system.  You can consider it a "jumping off" point for information about Dianic Witchcraft, but do not consider this to be a definitive, authoritative, be-all and end-all treatise on the one and only Dianic Tradition.  There's no such thing as a "one and only tradition" when you're discussing paganism!  We're pretty darn eclectic. 

If you are not practicing a Dianic path, you are still welcome to view these pages, but I expect you to be respectful despite our religious differences.  Rude comments and religious intolerance will be reported to your postmaster/webhost.

(I'd appreciate it if you let me know if any links are broken, pages aren't loading properly, or if I've got any glaring spelling errors, etc.)